Friday, June 1, 2012

UFO UpDates tries to make Carrion into carrion

Former MUFON Director and current heterodox ufologist is being lacerated at UFO Updates, by the UFO old-guard (the UFO geezers) and ET die-hards.

Mr. Carrion had the temerity to show up inside UpDates with his anti-Roswell, anti-Arnold, and anti-everything else UFO stance.

(Smart guys, like Brit David Clarke, eschew UpDates, where the most rabid UFO mavens congregate to laud one-another and berate those who step outside the UFO orthodoxy.)

Jerome Clark, the aging UFO compiler who knows he’s squandered his innate brilliance on a quixotic phenomenon, isn’t necessarily nasty, but he is condescending; whereas the stupefacient Don Ledger adds his usual one and half cent vituperation to the besmogged atmosphere.

David Rudiak weighs in, of course, as he doesn’t seem able to work on new items for the Roswell Dream Team, which he is a member of, in name only it seems.

(Mr. Rudiak can’t handle new UFO material, as the old stuff has an obsessional hold on him.)

Stanton Friedman has shown up, as usual, to defend his ideas and work, which continues errantly and unabated, even though Mr. Friedman has got to be older than Methuselah but still going strong, defending the ET view with all the energy of a much younger UFO enthusiast.

Our friend Don Ecsedy has added valuable insights and information but that bounty is often overlooked by the heated and venomous List gang.

Mr. Carrion’s views intrigue, but the UFO stalwarts will have none of that. Mr. Carrion has to be eviscerated before his hypotheses take hold of the younger UFO crowd thus eliminating the self-adulating fervor of the UFO has-beens.

We suggest that Mr. Carrion run – as fast as he can – from the vampiric UpDate crowd before they eclipse his unorthodox views with their overwhelming load of bullshit.


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