Monday, August 15, 2016

Death but not Transfiguration?

Yes, I saw the Anomalist listing about Paul Kimball’s Facebook note on the passing of Errol Bruce-Knapp, who has received honorariums from those who knew him.

I had several inter-connections with Errol during my days frequenting his UFO UpDates.

He contacted me and apologized for inserting a posting from long-time UFO maiden Wendy Connors that stated I was king of the gay community in Fort Wayne Indiana.

Errol said the comment slipped by him, which I found strange as he ran UpDates like Mussolini ran Italy during WWII.

(By the way, I’m not king or prince of anything, let alone the supposed gay community in my media community. I only know one gay fellow in that town and it’s a TV meteorologist who outed himself when he married his partner.)

I had another few calls with Errol; one about Bruce Maccabee, whom Errol thought was an operative for the U.S. Navy, bent on discounting some aspects of UFOs., and a few calls about one of Errol’s promoted friends who showed up in a strange online place and which we asked him [Errol] about.

He [Errol] was always solicitous and gentlemanly with me, but he did run UpDates with an iron hand, letting the UFO old-guard have free rein but tempering newbies who challenged the UFO status quo.

While UFO UpDates has passed into oblivion, thankfully and some of his Strange Days Indeed radiocasts and poscasts too, Errol’s graciousness and toughness lives on. May he rest in peace.


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