Monday, May 8, 2017

The desperation of Ufology and its practitioners

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Astute (and not so astute) observers of the fringe see the UFO community gasping for oxygen, as their addictive interest, UFOs, becomes more irrelevant by the hour.

As King Belshazzar (Baltassaar) in Daniel, Chapter 5 of The Old Testament, was unable to interpret “the handwriting on the wall,” many ufologists and UFO buffs are not able to see that their topic of interest is submersed in an abyss of indifference by the general strands of society.

UFOs are not an issue to contend with, at least not an issue that matters, in any sense.

But there is rabid activity, by ufologists, to make it seem otherwise.

Robbie Graham, whose UFO credentials derives from his book about flying saucers in the movies, has written a new book, using “essays” from people on the UFO fringe, calling for the UFO topic to be reframed; that is, Graham hopes to rejuvenate ufology and UFOs, using suggestions from persons who write about or are addicted to the mysterious phenomenon.

The effort is futile, of course, considering the tenor of the people whom Graham selected to defend UFOs. They are mostly unknown, without cachet in any discipline that would allow a refreshing look at the UFO phenomenon.

If Graham wanted to really reframe UFOs, he would have chosen people outside the fetid batch he selected to provide a renascence in flying saucers or UFOs.

The UFO community has become generally delusional, hoping that UFOs will come to be defined or explained somehow, many thinking that government disclosure is the path to the UFO reality, others just delusional about UFOs, that they are pertinent to society and the history of human civilization.

Again let me refer you to the musical work of Charles Ives, The Unanswered Question, and the exegeses of the work: what it means.

The short musical work sums up the anxiety and ultimate futility of Graham’s desire to re-stoke the UFO topic.


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